Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Talanted young people are studing at the departament and because of their desire and tenacity, actively involved in public activities of the University, city, region and country. Thanks to steady work students recive honorary awards.

In the making a new quality of the education there is  an important question is about an integration of education and science by involving students to the research work.

Each year, students take an active part in such conferences as:

- Scientific and Technical Conference of students, post-graduates and young scientists of the NMU «Наукова весна»;

- International Scientific and Practical Conference of students, post-graduates and young scientists «Іновації та трансфер технологій: від ідеї до прибутку»;

- Ukrainian Conference of young scientists  and students «Новітні підходи до планування транспортних систем міст».

Students who received the A-level diplomas since the foundation of the Departament:

- in 2009 :

Borisenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna;

Gryshchenko Yana Vladimirovna;

Demchenko Valeriy Yuryevich;

Sharypova Diana Yevgenyevna;


- in 2010:

Klimenko Irina Yuryevna;

Nikolayeva Olga Valentinovna;

Polyakova Darya Vasilyevna;

Porokhnya Irina Grigoryevna;


- in 2011 году:

Gavrysh Liliya Sergeyevna;

Drotyanko Anna Anatolyevna;

Zhilenko Yekaterina Aleksandrovna;

Kisel Yuliya Konstantinovna;

Sulima Olga Valentinovna;

Cherchataya Valeriya Vadimovna;

Shuvalova Anna Aleksandrovna.

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