Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
trains bachelors in

275 "Transport techologies"

specialists in

 Organization of transportations and management of transport”

Head of the department - Taran Igor Aleksandrovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor.

OBJECT OF ACTIVITY: organization and management of transport processes and logistics of transportation systems.

TYPE OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: organization of freight and passengers transportation, management  of transport departments.

QUALIFICATIONS: engineer of transport

PROFESSIONAL POSITION: manager of the organization and management of transport companies, logist, transportation service manager, freighter, stevedore, expert in agencies for licensing and certification of transport services, specialist-analyst of marketing and informational services of providing transportation processes and services, servant of transport department of custom services and services of special purpose of MIA.

PROFESSIONAL FACILITY: urban transport planning, conducting market research on the transport market, planning and development of optimal  routes of cargo and passenger transportation routes, operational principles of maintenance and organization of transfers in international transportation, development and implementation of advanced processing of goods in large storage facilities and  terminals, solutions of problems of operational management of transport processes, development of modern forms and methods of management of the departments of automobile transport, development of measures of resources savings and of protection of  the environment from the harmful effects of transport, designing of roads, monitoring the implementation of transportation.


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